As a kid we all wanted to be super heroes. When you have kids or grand kids you are a super hero to them. We are all Superman or Captain America to our youngsters and should embrace that fact that they look up to us so much. We are everything in their eyes. I had the pleasure of just hanging around with my grandson the other day and we decided to be super heroes.We could have been Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles but I decided to strap on the Captain America mask. I always wanted to be Captain America. He was the ultimate in cool. I asked my grandson what super hero he wanted to be and he came out with a popcorn bucket on his head and said he wanted to be "Buckethead". I laughed so hard as he ran around the living room bumping into every wall yet had the super human strength to fight through it. If you feel a little safer today you can thank me and Buckethead. We are on the prowl for evil. Use your imagination and have a little fun today. You don't need a child to feel a childish but it sure helps. Keep your inner child alive. The world is too serious to not let your kid out sometimes.

zander buckethead
Brian Gary, TSM

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