The football world lost a great man as the National Football League announced the passing of NFL Legend and Hall of Famer, John Madden. John passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday morning at the age of 85. Peyton Manning, John Elway, and others reacted.

John Madden Dead At 85

When news like the passing of John Madden drops, everybody talks. Even those who didn't really know who John Madden was, or what he did, knew his name. Yes, John Madden was the name behind the NFL "Madden" football video game, but he was so much more than a name on a game. He was a Hall of Fame coach for those nasty Las Vegas (then Oakland) Raiders and legendary NFL broadcaster. In fact, as seen in the video below, John was the only NFL analyst to work for all of the major TV networks that broadcasted the games.

As talked about in this wonderful article from our pal Dave Jensen, to Broncos fans, John Madden was the guy you loved to hate because of the rivalry between the Denver Broncos and the (then) Oakland Raiders. He got the better of us in a lot of games, but that AFC Championship game in 1977, we sent him and his team packing as Denver defeated the Raiders and moved on to that year's Super Bowl. Legendary Colorado Sportswriter Woody Paige had this to say about Broncos fans' love for John Madden:

John always told me that old Mile High Stadium was worst place to play because of fans in South Stands. He tried to sneak out of the locker room to bus after games. “But I got hit by stuff every time. They loved me there.”

We did love John Madden in Denver, but it was very much a love-hate relationship.

Peyton Manning Reacts To The Passing Of John Madden

Broncos Legend John Elway Reacts To Passing Of John Madden

So many former and current Broncos' players have reacted to the death of this NFL icon because he really was that big a deal. Not just a part of NFL history, but a major part of Denver Broncos history as well. His Raiders team is the reason most true Broncos fans cannot stand the Raiders to this day, me included. Rest easy, Mr. Madden. Your presence will be missed but will never be forgotten.

If you remember John Madden, you'll love this stroll down memory lane.

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