There is something from our past that I feel could bring us all closer together. Bench seats. I remember when just every vehicle had bench seats. It was a rarity to find a bucket seat. I hated the bucket seats because they were harder to make out in and that was a very important part of growing up. I feel bucket seats have taken the romance out of driving. I remember driving the dirt back roads of North Dakota with my sweetheart pulled up next to me on the seat with my arm around her. You couldn’t wedge a piece of paper between us. I think the space provided by bucket seats has left us lonely and disconnected.

I can recall driving a car with a bench seat and having my arm around my girl while we drove in second gear all night because I didn’t want to take my arm from around her to shift gears. Another fun thing with bench seats was when you and 2 buddies would jump in the truck and fight over who had to sit in the middle. You could be guaranteed that the guy riding shotgun would duck down in traffic and make it look like the 2 guys were sitting right next to each other. That is pure redneck fun. I was actually driving a country road a couple months ago and saw an older couple sitting side by side in their truck and it made me grin from ear to ear. I bet they were heading to the drive-in.

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