One of the most exciting parts of my job as music director here at K99 is playing Nostradamus with the music and trying to predict what will be the big hits. I love getting to play a part in this and I have to say, I have had a pretty good track record through the past few decades of nailing these. We are closing in on summer and it's time for me to make a prediction of what will be blasting out of people's trucks this summer and I think I have found the one.

In the past we have partied like it was 1999 but this summer we are going to party like it's "11:59 (Central Standard Time)". I believe the band The Railers are going to have the breakthrough party anthem of the summer with their killer new single "11:59 (Central Standard Time)". I have not been able to quit listening to this song since the first time I heard it. It is pure fun and hooks you in on the very first listen. It takes about one minute before you find yourself singing along and feel a smile creep up on your face. This is just a great song!!

I am expecting big things from The Railers this year and you will get to see what it's all about April 6th when we bring them in for a New From Nashville at The Boot in Loveland. You may want to mark your calendar for this one right now. You are going to love The Railers. Set your party clock for 11:59 and let the fun begin.


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