Brett's Guitar Player Noah
Madi Scruggs, TSM

Brett Young mesmerized the  crowd last night at the Boot Grill in Loveland during his New From Nashville performance. The audience wan't trying to talk over his singing. They were listening and responding to the wonderful music coming from the stage. You could have heard a pin drop when Brett and his guitar player, Noah, covered Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

When Brett performed his new single, "Sleep Without You", everyone was singing along. It made such an impact on us at K99 that we promised to add the song to our regular rotation on Monday morning. You can find the new single on iTunes.

A big thank you to our DME Madi Scruggs for taking all of the wonderful pictures, including the meet and greet.

I asked Brett, "What is the 1st album you ever bought?" He tells us in this very short YouTube video:

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