Brett Eldredge is crazy — or at least, he is in his "Lose My Mind" music video. The clip shows the singer in a straight jacket, as he's lost his mind all because of one hot girl.

In this case it's a sexy nurse who is actually a Victoria's Secret model. Rachel Hilbert is the video vixen, and she's smokin' hot in a little nurse outfit.

"But I let you take me over girl / So I'm the one to blame," he sings as she struts into the room, where he's confined in a straight jacket. He mentions how she made his screws come loose but, by the looks of it, it was worth it. She kisses his cheek and leaves lipstick on him, and he smirks.

"I'm a very high-strung guy, and I feel like I'm probably going crazy a lot of the time," Eldredge tells People of the song and video. "I just wanted to make a fun video, portraying the way a girl kinda makes you lose your mind and completely wraps all of your thoughts around her."

That's exactly what he portrays in the video, and, we must admit, he makes crazy look pretty sexy.

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