Did you catch Brad Paisley on South Park the other night?

He (his voice) wasn't on screen for long- but it looked like he must have had fun!

Get the details about how Brad helped Denver know that Cartman loves Kyle!

The gang at South Park had Brad Paisley as guest for the episode "Cartman Finds Love".

It was another crazy episode, with Cartman and 'Cupid Cartman' playing 'matchmaker' to Token and the new girl in school- Nichole.  Part of Cartman's plan to get the two of them into a relationship was to claim that he and Kyle were in a relationship (this would keep Nichole from falling for Kyle in Cartman's plan). They're fourth graders. They're not geniuses.

The episode climaxes with Kyle taking Nichole to a Denver Nuggets game.. and Cartman rushing to the Pepsi Center to disrupt their date.  He does so with the help of Brad Paisley. Who'dathunk?

First- Brad shows up to sing the National Anthem:


Then, Cartman arrives and takes over the Megatron to sing his own song:


Brad, Brad, Brad... It's good to know he's all for Cartman and Kyle!


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