If you're a parent, it's hard to escape it and if you're like me, it's ok because I love it too and am looking forward to going to this show with my 7 year old.

Kidz Bop live is hitting Red Rocks on Sunday September 4th with tickets going on sale starting on Friday April 22nd at 10 A.M.via AXM.com


Kidz Bop, the #1 music brand for kids is something that my kid doesn't really listen to as much now as he did a year or so ago is either loved or loathed by parents, I tend the fall in the loved category.

I think these kids sound great and the songs are super catchy, maybe sometimes even too catchy but I honestly don't mind.

Since its inception back in 2001, Kidz Bop music has sold more than 23 million albums and generated over 8 billion streams.

As crazy as this is to even think about, only the Beatles, Barbara Streisand, and and the Rolling Stones have had more hits in the top 10.

So parents, get your dancing shoes on and get ready to party at Red Rocks with the crew from Kidz Bop, I know I'm fired up for it.


YouTube/AME Music


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