I am so sad to report that the body of Windsor resident and BYU student Tyler Mayle was found last night. He didn't make it. Tyler set out for a hike Saturday morning and did not return. Early reports say it looks like Tyler fell and didn't recover. He was an experienced hiker who had the whole world ahead of him.

I am so saddened by this. Tyler was an amazing young man who was going to make a big difference in the world. He was the kind of kid every parent dreams that their children will turn out to be. He had the greatest attitude and was intent on making the world a better place just with his kindness and how he carried himself. He had a great broadcasting voice and the personality to go with it. We were honored that Tyler grew up listening to us. He job shadowed us when he was a young Eagle Scout and returned to join us on the air just 2 weeks ago when he was home to visit his family.

He touched many people. Here is part of a letter we received from a family friend.

Yesterday and today as I thought about Tyler Mayle I recalled the story he told me about interviewing you two for one of his school papers/projects. This was while I chauffeured he, his sister, and my son to an early morning class then to school.  Nearly every day during Tyler's final two years in high school we enjoyed your program commenting to each other about the interchange between all of you.  We felt deprived if we missed Susan's news and the bantering that followed (sorry guys, neither of you could quite measure up when Susan was out).  When I talked with him two weeks ago he told me of his plans for a career in broadcasting and voice-over, inspired in part by you.

I especially appreciate the picture you posted showing Tyler serving the people of Germany.  He loved serving those people, the source of which began with his service to countless many here in our community including the band students he led, to church youth he led, and old folks (like us) that were forever touched by his smile and can-do attitude.  I pray that Tyler's example will continue to motivate all of us to follow the footsteps of such a young and vibrant leader.  He will be missed

Tyler's father Gary posted this last night on Facebook.

Hi everyone. I can confirm that we found Tyler this evening at sunset but he did not make it. We do not have any information yet about services yet but we will post as soon as we do. We sincerely appreciate all the continued prayers and support.

Gary. Lori, Hailey, Hannah Mayle

Our hearts hurt for the Mayle family this morning. We pray for your strength. Please leave a message of support for the family here. I know they will read it and appreciate the love. Thank you.

Here's a bit of Tyler doing what he wanted to do. He was on the air with us when he visited a couple of weeks ago. Hear what Tyler would have sounded like doing what he loved. We are honored that we were an inspiration to him. His memory will inspire many. Click here to listen.

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