Blake Shelton is one of the real characters in all of entertainment. He has become one of the most recognizable stars on the planet and we were there right from the very beginning. Today is Blake's 42nd birthday and shows no signs of growing up any time soon. I love that about him.

Now as I had said, there is no bigger name in all of music than Blake Shelton. He has earned it too. This man has worked his tail off for years, touring, shaking hands, making friends and making nothing but hits. It seems every song that Blake has released lately has gone to number one. The truth is that they have.

It all started on this date back in 2001 though. I will always remember this date because Blake was actually sitting in this very studio when we got word that his debut single “Austin” had hit number one. Blake had just finished telling us a story about how he had just had the honor of going to Earl Thomas Conley’s house to meet him and how thrilled he was when he got to pee in ETC’s toilet. He has always been hilarious. It is that kind of realness that has made him so appealing. Here is the song that started it all for Blake and his latest hit as well. Happy birthday Blake. Keep entertaining us. We are loving it.

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