We have had a very unusually warm September. We are near the end of the month and we are going to go on a roller coaster ride of temperatures to wrap up my favorite month of the year. Get ready to go from t-shirt to jacket to t-shirt over the next couple of days.

Today should be an absolutely perfect September day with temps right around 80. A perfect day to sit at Coors Field and watch the Rockies. When Friday arrives we are going to see temps drop by a good 25 degrees. Our highs tomorrow are only going to be in the lower to mid 50's. We haven't been that cold in some time. We will rebound right back up to the mid 80's on Saturday. This will be a confusing weekend for all the vegetation and animal and human bodies as well.

All who live here know that we can experience 3 seasons of weather in one day so we are used to the rapid changes but this will be the first chilly blast we have had. The weirdness is just getting started. I think this could be wild winter. .

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