Men are pretty serious about their beard game, and for some men, it's no joking matter. On the other hand, Matt Sparx is the exception to that rule, as he let me straighten his beard in the studio.

Straightening a beard is a very odd experience, and something you need to be very careful with. I accidentally burned his forehead while expanding my straightening efforts to his silky-smooth hairline, and somehow jabbed him in the neck with the straightener (I'm sorry, Sparx!!!). Other than that, straightening beard hair is easy as long as you don't get the straightener too close to the skin.

But Sparx was a precious angel through all the pain and suffering because...I think he secretly enjoyed it!

Play back our Facebook live stream of me straightening Sparx's beard below.

Beard straightening: the new trend!

Posted by 99.9 The Point on Friday, March 25, 2016

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