I mean, at least we're not miserable, right?

Thanksgiving 2020 is just about here. After the year we've had, it will not be perfect. However, when has Thanksgiving ever been perfect. Sure, it looked perfect when I was a kid because all I had to do was show up and eat. Now, I've got dishes to prepare and help to give at multiple gatherings. It's wild and crazy and noisy and I love every minute of it. In all reality, I've never experienced a miserable Thanksgiving. *knocks on wood*

Of course there are things that can easily take a Thanksgiving south in a hurry.

I'm sure you're having flashbacks of that one Thanksgiving where Aunt Maisel dropped the turkey on the kitchen floor and before she could wrangle it back into a pan one of the dogs drug it out into the driveway, which wouldn't have happened if cousin Fred hadn't left the door open... Anyway. Estately ranked each state's Thanksgiving celebrations and created a "Thanksgiving Misery Index". They selected six categories that can affect the outcome of your meal or time with family.

Those include:

  • Salmonella cases per Capita from poultry
  • Binge drinking
  • Contentious politics
  • Dietary restrictions
  • NFL team(s) losing percentage on Thanksgiving
  • Enthusiasm for Black Friday sales

Based on those six categories, they determined that Colorado was pretty average. In fact, we landed at number 25 on their list. Smack dad in the middle. We tend to talk politics and have our NFL teams lost more than most states, but on the other hand we aren't bailing on Thanksgiving to go Black Friday shopping and we don't have many dietary restrictions.

So, all in all, turkey day should be as expected this year.

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