Ball Arena has been around since before the turn of the century as it officially opened up in October of 1999. Even though every time I go inside the arena, I'm amazed at that fact because it's a beautiful arena and was obviously designed and built way ahead of its time. However, there could be some major changes coming outside the arena.

One of the things that struck me was the massive amount of parking that was available so close to the arena, which I think is great and pretty rare, especially for an arena that's in a major downtown area.

That, however, is about to change with this proposed development that will be using millions of square feet to implement a mixture of housing, retail, and office space with a little open space for public use thrown in for good measure as well.

55 acres total. It's really crazy that there is that much space available in such an urban area in such a growing city. A lot has changed in Denver since 1999, and the fact that this still hasn't been developed after all of those years is actually pretty surprising to me.

The parking that will be lost though, not going to lie, it will be missed because it really is nice to have such ample opportunity to find a spot so close to the arena. You can usually find some pretty sweet deals for the lots outside the arena on Stubhub and places like that, so I went to a few Avalanche and Nuggets games this year and never paid for than $25 to park right next to the arena.

Those days could be numbered if this development becomes a reality. Ball Arena owner Kroenke Sports & Entertainment has submitted a proposal set for review by the city.


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