Sara Evans' 2011 version of Rod Stewart's 'My Heart Can't Tell You No' was pretty good, but it didn't make babies cry in this most adorable way. To be honest, we weren't completely sure why this sweet face is getting misty-eyed, until we watched this two-minute video. 

Actually it's still not clear why the baby is smiling and crying (Mama's performance is beautiful), but the 10-month-old little girl surely isn't the only one. It's heartbreakingly adorable to see the little babe taking in such complex emotions.

The baby is Marie-Lynne, daughter to Amanda and Alain Leroux of Ontario, Can. The couple told Right This Minute television that their daughter only cries during this song. "It's almost as if she understands," Amanda says. And yes, it was Evans' version of the song that inspired Mom's performance. She loves to sing, but she's not a trained vocalist.

If you have work that still needs to get done, you may want to push watching this video back until later, because it's addicting. Like a classic episode of 'Seinfeld,' you can't watch just once.

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