Or, just elope. The average cost of weddings in Colorado in 2018 is not only costing the bride, groom and family, but guests have to stretch their wallets, too.


Love don't cost a thing? Eh... think again. According to ValuePenguin, the current national average for a wedding is $29,858, but, depending on where you choose to get married, that price can vary.

In Colorado, the average cost in 2018 is higher than the national average at $31,435, or about $225 per guest. When it comes to showers, gifts, travel and possible wedding party attire, that can add up for guests as well. FOR ONE DAY, PEOPLE.

The least pricey place is Mississippi at $12,769, and a handful of Southern states like Alabama... but I won't get into Alabama marriages... 

The most expensive place to get married is, not surprisingly, Manhattan, NYC, at $88,176, or $630 per guest. You can see the rest here.

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