When traveling, the journey can be just as important as the destination.

Traveling is a wonderful thing right. The fact that we can jump on a plane and jet off to another part of the country will never cease to amaze me. That being said, some airlines do it better than others, especially in our own country. After all, there's nothing worse than having a marvelous vacation be ruined by a terrible experience getting there or getting home.

So who does it best?

Recently PopSugar combed through countless customer reviews, consulted airline experts and researched each airline to answer this question. Thanks for saving us all that work, Lindsay Paige Stein. From all of that work, we now have a list of the best and worst domestic airlines in 2019. It would be worth it to at least browse this list before booking your spring break vacation.

Here are the top 11 airlines:

11. Spirit Airlines
10. Frontier Airlines
9. Sun Country Airlines
8. American Airlines
7. Allegiant Air
6. Hawaiian Airlines
5. Southwest Airlines
4. United Airlines
3. Delta Airlines
2. JetBlue Airways
1. Alaska Airlines

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