It's officially 46 days till Easter and consistently warmer weather. It all starts today with Ash Wednesday. The number one thing that will stand out to you today is seeing co-workers with dark marks on their foreheads, a long standing tradition.

TSM Ash Wednesday
TSM Ash Wednesday

At Mass ashes are spread on the foreheads of the faithful. A Priest or minister will apply the ashes to a forehead in the shape of the cross and the faithful is to display the cross until it wears off. One tradition is to use last year's palm fronds for this year's ash. (by burning the palm from last year)

Growing up I can remember not eating meat on Fridays and feasting not fasting on Sundays throughout Lent. There are many different ways to celebrate and acknowledge Ash Wednesday and Lent, including getting great deals on fish every Friday. And fish sandwich specials at many fast food establishments. I'll look for Fish Fry's in the area and tell you about them as soon as I can gather a list.

Lent can begin as early as February 4th and as late as March 10th. (Ending on Easter Sunday)



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