At Berthoud's Fickel Park, an artist has come to town to turn a spruce tree that was damaged in March's snowstorm into a wooden sculpture.

It shouldn't be too long before Kevin Coughlin is finished creating this flying eagle sculpture. Coughlin's works are mostly made from trees turned into nature scenes, such as bears hanging out around one.

Coughlin's plans for this spruce tree look quite majestic:

When I see a large wooden sculpture, I always think of Loveland's 'Redman,' done by Peter Toth, which sat on the south shore of Lake Loveland for about a decade starting in 1979. That sculpture was one of 50 done by Toth, one for each state; Colorado's landed in Loveland.

At last word, 'Redman' still now resides west of town 

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Checking out this finished sculpture will be a great reason to drop into Berthoud this summer. This summer, after the 4th of July, will many travelers in town to compete in and to watch the TPC Colorado Championship as part of the Korn Ferry Tour.

Of course, if you're going to be in Berthoud, may I suggest not only City Star Brewing but the Berthoud Brewing Company. Both are great in their own ways, though I think my heart lies with City Star.

[Source: Berthoud Weekly Surveyor]

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