I have been reading more and more about how NFL ratings are down and the popularity, for the first time that I can remember, seems to be declining. I think we know why. I know that around here the Broncos have been flat out painful to watch so you may have tuned them out earlier than usual but the main thing I hear is that the player anthem protests have had a much greater negative impact than the league could have ever imagined.

When it first happened I thought it would cause a stir and then fade away but it kept growing. When teams started to unite in not paying respect to the anthem it really turned off a lot of the general public. It turned us off so much that a whole lot of people vowed to not watch any pro football at all. I didn't think many would quit watching but I know a lot of my friends quit watching completely.

I would never kneel and I don't believe anyone should but I do still watch pro football but I quit watching any pregame or postgame or news shows about the NFL. I have quit caring what anyone has to say about the teams or players but I will still watch them just play the game.

How about you? Have your NFL football watching habits changed or do you still watch the same as you have? Let me know in the poll below.

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