Have you ever heard of the "Pink Tax?" As a woman, you are being taken advantage of, and have been paying this secret tax for decades. The "pink tax," refers to the extra money woman spend at check-out for certain products or services. This includes vehicle maintenance, cloths, dry-cleaning and personal care items.

So, how much more are you spending... research shows that it's about an extra $1,351 a year. With the ongoing debate about the gender pay gap, and women undoubtedly making less money, why would they accept also paying more for goods and services?

In the video above, it shows that many of the products that woman are paying for are made with the same ingredients and accomplish the same thing as mens products, however cost substantially more. Now, this is also the case with clothing, and goods and services. What exactly is the reason why woman's jeans cost substantially more than mens? From appearance alone, there is much more material in men's pants... so you would think, that would result in them costing more. Speaking of the amount of material used in clothing. Why does it cost $7 to dry-clean an XL men's dress shirt, and almost $9 to dry-clean a woman's size 4 petite?

So, what can you do? First, it's recommended that woman start shopping in the mens sections. As mentioned before, many of the products are made with the same ingredients and accomplish the same results. Also, get on social medial. The hash-tag #PINKTAX is now trending with consumers calling out products and brands that are participating in gender-bias pricing. So if you are ok with paying more, say nothing. But if you feel it's not right, speak up.