Don't you wish your wallet could be just as stuffed as your turkey this year?

No matter which way you carve it (see what we did there?) Thanksgiving is a pricey holiday. Whether you host the big meal or you're just a contributor, those receipts tend to be longer than the garland wrapped around your Christmas tree which, let's be honest, is probably already up and decorated. The worst part about the price of Turkey Day is that it seems to continue to rise.

2018 is no different.

A recent survey says that the average American will be spending $10 more this year than in 2017. Last year, the price tag was $165.14 and this year that number has risen to $175.65. The survey also found that most of that a significant chunk of that money is spent on something other than food.

Travel accounted for 21 percent of Americans' Thanksgiving spending.

Apparently over the hills and through the woods to grandmother's house is taking a toll on our wallet. Do you travel for Thanksgiving? Is it typically a road trip or do you jump on a plane to go home?

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