Remember when The Rolling Stones sang the words "you can't always get what you want"? These days those words do not ring as true as they once did. These days we actually CAN get exactly what we want. We have gotten to the point where we can listen to only the music we program, only the TV shows we choose and we can choose when we watch them as well. We can choose whose calls and texts we will answer and even select what our news will be. We can filter out the things we don't want to read about and only receive and read the news that meshes with our likes and beliefs. Many think this is progress while I think it has made us stagnant.

Always getting what you want makes it so you do not grow, learn or discover new things. We can be more set in our ways and beliefs than ever before. We can block our selves from opposing opinions and eliminate the possibility of discovering something we didn't know that changes our opinion on something. I am one who still likes to get a newspaper and read it front to back. I even read the sections I don't really care about but sometimes end up finding something that interests me unexpectedly. I end up with knowledge or entertainment I would have never found if I hadn't wandered out of my 'comfort zone'. If you constantly program your own music, how will you ever find a new song or artist. Let the radio play and be surprised at what comes on next. I always loved that about radio. I love the surprises. Haven't you ever had a song that you didn't like at first but after a few listens it ends up being one of your favorites? That could never happen if you just fed yourself what you know you like.

Open you mind and quit programming your world a little. Let the world throw you some surprises. If you open yourself up, you can let some wonderful new things filter in and add beauty and fun to your life. If you stay within the walls you box yourself in with, you will never grow again.

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