There is a church in Alabama that is unlike most other churches, or perhaps any other church. They now have a gun range behind the church...and for good reason!
Pastor Pastor Phil Guin of the Rocky Mount United Methodist Church in Jemison, Alabama caters to the members of his church in more ways than one.

It seems the church has had this huge open space behind the church that wasn't being used for anything other than using a bunch of fill-dirt for an addition they had put on a few years earlier. Members wanted to do something with the property and when a few women mentioned that they owned guns but were not sure how to use them and/or comfortable with them due to lack of knowledge, it was decided the church would turn it into a private gun range.

The Jemison PD has also gotten involved by using the range to offer classes in gun safety/shooting for the local residents.

The church formed the Rocky Mount Hunt and Gun Club LLC which is a totally separate entity from the church and it's a membership-only, not-for-profit entity. Anyone who uses the gun range is required to be a member, or the guest of a registered member.

What a great way to utilize the wasted space and to teach it's members and community about gun safety and how to protect themselves. I think it's a safe bet to say they are the most well-protected church in the country. I have no idea if guns have to be checked at the door on Sunday but it's probably a safe bet that more than one member of that church is packing heat every Sunday.

Good for them! Sounds like my kind of a church...

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