Being new to Colorado, something I always knew but have now verified VERY quickly is that this place is infested with outdoor recreational opportunities. From boots to bikes, there is a plethora of trails for all levels and skill sets to enjoy.

My most recent adventure was on my mountain bike, which I've had for a while. But after seeing some of the other bikes on the trail, I've come to find out that...I need a new one.

For this particular outing, my bike would have served me just fine, as the paved trails that led to the dirt tracks were nice, wide, and had plenty of opportunities for a more low-key ride. I, however...chose to hit the dirt trails and challenge myself a little more.

There were rolling hills throughout the beautiful foothills and no shortage of scenery. There was even a little lake that I biked out to and back around, to add to the variety of scenic elements. The network of bike paths and trails here is outstanding, and I chose to pick one that went up a little further into the foothills to challenge myself even more. It was there that I realized that I, indeed, needed a new bike (or perhaps just to get into better shape). Whatever the case, I was regretting not getting out there a little earlier to take advantage of the extensive trail system.

If I could recommend one thing if you're planning on coming out to hit the trails it'd be... give yourself lots of time to explore the different paths and take it all in. Whether you're an expert or novice at mountain biking, there is something here for everyone, especially when it comes to scenery and peace.

Here are some pics that don't really do my ride justice.

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