We love our house, but there was one glaring issue with the master bathroom:

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That shower was tiny! I banged my knees on the door several times and knew it was time for a change and something bigger and nicer.

Fortunately, my friends at Pro Marble Installation specialize in bathroom conversions, so we ripped out that tub and installed a larger, beautiful shower. We can actually relax while taking a shower now. Upgrading to engineered marble or engineered granite, whether in your shower or vanity, costs less than you think, and Pro Marble Installation made the whole process easy.

I always prefer using a local company over a big box store, and Pro Marble Installation has more than 35 years of experience working right here in the Fort Collins area. The company is run by Pat Osiecki and his son-in-law Tim Apodaca, and their team gets most installations done in just a few days.

Now's the perfect time to call them if you'd like to showcase an upgraded bathroom for the holidays. They can explain all the attributes and differences between engineered marble and engineered granite and help you pick the perfect product for your space and budget. In addition, if you have an aging loved one, they can help convert their bathroom from a tub-shower combo that can be hard to manage for senior citizens into a safe, comfortable shower.

Learn more at promarbleinstallation.com or call 970-284-7736 to speak with a contractor today.

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