Those of you that own a home know how great it is to call your place "yours". You can essentially do whatever you want. Paint your bedroom lime green? You can do it. Add a giant chandelier made out of beer bottles? yep, you can do that too. Add one of those dog wash stations in your garage? Totally... Actually, if you want to increase the value, that is one thing you should add to your home.

Big white and wet Akita Inu dog bathing in the bathtub with funny face expression, selective focus
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According to a study done by Zillow, a pet shower in your home in the Denver metro area could increase your home's value up to 19 percent. Who would have thought that a pet shower would increase the value of one's home so much? I sure didn't! ONe other upgrade that could be done to a home to add value in the Denver area was to add a dog door. The little door could add 5 percent value to the home.

Other home improvements that could add value include a home theater or a chef inspired kitchen. What other upgrades would you consider that would add value to your own home?

Source: KDVR

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