We should be thanking and honoring our Veterans every single day but Saturday is the day we set aside for it. I am so grateful to live in this country and so grateful to all the men and women who have served it and make it possible for me to live my life as I choose.

Each year I try to come up with the right words to write to express my gratitude. I get to live my life and pursue all of my dreams because of the freedom I have been given. I have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. I have the freedom to listen to whatever I want, watch whatever I want and have choices to make every single day because I was given this beautiful life to live my way because of these amazing men and women who have, and do, proudly wear those military uniforms. There is no cup of coffee or meal or thank you card that is nearly enough gratitude to offer. The best thing we can do is live our lives to their fullest and make something of them. We must treasure our lives so much that those who fought to give them to us feel it was worth it.

We need to gather and love together as Americans today more than ever. We owe it to those who have defended that star spangled banner. God bless our veterans and the United States of America, still the greatest nation on this earth. Join us tomorrow night as we honor our veterans and raise money for Honor Flight Northern Colorado.

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