A good buddy’s son is in college now (time flies!) and he’s begun a blog. His first entry is ’50 Songs for 50 States’ because he loves music, and loves to travel. He asked for my help in picking the song for Colorado, but now I feel I may have overlooked better choices. What do you think?

Colorado Sign
marekuliasz, ThinkStock

My friend Randy’s son, Trevin, has started blogging. His first entry was quite a project: Imagine a road trip through all the 50 states, with a song to represent each state. It really is a good idea; with Colorado becoming a ‘new home’ to many people, everyone’s got to be curious as to which songs Trevin picked out for their native state.

Trevin asked me what I thought the song should be for Colorado. ‘It doesn’t have to say ‘Colorado’ in the title, but it does have to reference the state.’ Hmmmmmm..  I pondered on it for a couple of days. I wanted a song that felt good, felt ‘western’, and wasn’t really old.  Then, it struck me:

Tim McGraw’s ‘Telluride’!  That song has it all: The Rocky Mountains, snow, love, it’s catchy, it’s sung by a superstar; and when you mention Telluride to anyone, they immediately think ‘Cool’.

But maybe I missed the wagon on this one.  Should I have gone with ‘Rocky Mountain High’ by John Denver?  ‘Colorado Kool-Aid’ by Johnny Paycheck? Bob Seger’s ‘Get Out of Denver’? Zac Brown Band has a great song about leaving a girl in Colorado – ‘Colder Weather’.  What do you think?

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