We love our farmers. We love the work you do and the crops and livestock you provide our nation. You deserve much more honor and respect on a daily basis but today is the day to honor you officially. I thank you for getting up and doing the work that makes America grow. I thank you for tuning in while you are in the barn doing chores or riding your tractor in your field. I thank you for the food on my table and the family values that I love. I thank you for not being afraid to do the work. I thank you for values you instill in our youth who get involved in agriculture. There is are no better young men and women today than the ones who get involved in the FFA and those types of programs. They learn life skills that actually make the world a better place.

As we get up to our breakfast and rush off to work today we need to take a moment to pause and thank those who do the work that keeps us all alive and fed. Thank you to all the men and women who call themselves 'farmers' and do it with pride.

Here are a few videos to salute you today and again I say thank you.


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