This weekend is very special. It is Memorial Day weekend. The time of the year we set aside to honor all those who have served this great country of ours and those who gave their lives for it. This is what every day should be. We need to honor these amazing men and women every day of our lives. I have never served this country and do not know if I have what it takes to do so. It takes a special person to be willing to give all for those they don’t even know. I am honored that I will be giving a speech honoring our veterans at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Greeley on Sunday at 2pm. Please come and hear my tribute.

Be sure to reach out a thank a vet. You could buy them a drink, a meal, give a handshake and heartfelt “thank you”. These are all things every one of us can do on a daily basis but especially today. We need to make these folks feel proud, honored and gratified while they are here with us and remember and honor those who are not. The biggest insult you could give a vet is to not live your life to the fullest. We need to live our lives in a way that honors those who were willing to give theirs so that we can live ours. Don’t waste your life. It was a gift from God and protected by our fighting men and women. Honor them and make the most of what you were given and make the world a better place. That is what they fought for and are still fighting for. God Bless the American Soldier!

Here is my speech from 2012..

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