A Kid's Place in Greeley has been fighting child abuse in Weld County for over 20 years. They have been one of our 28 Hours of Hope agencies for the past 18 years. K99 and Brian and I are still helping them battle child abuse, but now it won't be as "A Kid's Place". They are changing their name.

The agency's new name is Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy. The new name and website will be effective January 9th.  Legally they will still be A Kid’s Place, Inc. but they will be doing business as Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy.

Why Life Stories?

We chose our new name because we felt that it is unique, succinctly summarizes and unites our programs, and can be a driving force in our next decades of work.  Our message remains the same: children who experience abuse and neglect deserve our attention, advocacy, and support.  In the process of re-branding, we realized stories are a crucial piece of this organization.  Our forensic interviewers, family advocates, and CASA staff and volunteers all hear stories of abuse and neglect daily.  The child victims who tell these stories need caring adults to listen to them, a safe space to tell their story, and the resources necessary to overcome the trauma they faced and go on to live a healthy future.  Working together, we hope to enable them to turn their life stories into ones of strength and hope.

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