I have never been one who is like everyone else. It seems if most people like something, I don't. If I see most people going left, I am going right. I have just always been that way. I march to my own beat and have my own set of likes and dislikes and springtime is one of the biggest dislikes that I have. Spring sprung yesterday and I am already dreading it. The flowers will bloom , the allergies with all the sneezing and dripping will start, all the bugs will come back to invade my home, and it is a reminder that summer is just around the corner which is the only thing I hate more than spring.

A few more of the joys of spring are the longer days meaning I won't see the end of a day until November, since I need to be in bed by 8 at the latest. The warm weather will bring the return of the birds who like to hover above my truck and practice their synchronized pooping routine on my windshield. Spring means beautiful weather which makes you feel like you need to be outside and working on something. It also means I will sweat and my deodorant will fail by brunch, not to mention all the people in bicycle pants that cannot be unseen.

Have a great spring and summer. I will be the sweaty guy in the cool corner of the house with a football in my hands patiently waiting for September. Enjoy, what most consider, the most beautiful time of the year. I will ride my motorcycle and watch some baseball to help me through.


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