What does it take for you to sue a company? This man was so disappointed in the number of women his given age-range to take out, that he's taking them court.

Finding love can be hard, especially in today's times of COVID, and the fractioning of the county. So, paying a company to help you find the 'right one' can seem like a prudent way to go.

Dating sites date back to those 'computer dating' companies, where you'd fill out a form and 'snail mail' it to the company, where they'd feed that info into their computer to match you up. Today, it's almost the same, only there's more technology involved.

Maybe you've tried March, Bumble, Plenty of Fish; there are more than a few of these 'matchmaker' sites/apps, but have you ever joined one of these 'We'll Fix You Up' sites?

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I've heard a lot of commercials for 'It's Just Lunch' they are crazy expensive, in my book. They should call it 'It's Just a Mercedes,' if you ask me. But, if you have that kind of money and you are looking for 'Mr./Mrs.Right,' maybe it's worth it.

Is it worth over $9,000? I just don't know. That is a ton of money, in my book. I'm not against searching for love, but I'd have to take a loan for that kind of money; and who wants to date a guy who took out a loan to meet you?

According to FOX31, this lawsuit by a man in Denver claims that he spent over $9,000 with Denver Dating Company, and only found five women between the ages of 18 and 35. He's 29.

First off, my friend's would disown me if I was almost 30 and was dating an 18-year-old; but that's neither here nor there. This is about this Denver man.

This site doesn't get a lot of great reviews on Yelp, but I don't see anyone talking about spending having to spend $9,000. If this guy really did drop nearly ten grand into finding love, I feel for him.

If anything, the lawsuit should be about 'how much' he spent, not on the selection; but I'm not a lawyer.

How much have you spent 'looking for love?' What's the most you WOULD spend? $100? $500? $1,000? $10,000? I shudder.

Get more on the Disappointed Dater from FOX31 HERE.

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