I couldn't help but point out that this is a decision in the making for 10 years, by a bunch of guys. It's a big deal because women get crap all the time for not being able to make a speedy decision, especially at restaurants. But it is true, the football league has decided to drop the Roman Numerals for the big game next year.

Football 50 iStock
Football 50 iStock

Seriously, I think that it's a great call. If they were to stick with Roman Numerals it would be advertised as the BIG GAME L, yep, that's the Roman Numeral for 50. I agree it's kind of lame.

Ten years ago, for BIG GAME 40 the Roman Numeral for 40 was XL, which made perfect sense and was super cool.

League representatives note that by using the number 50 stands out and lends to a grand celebration all year. Don't worry though, the league has no plans on ditching the Roman Numerals for good; they started using them in 1971 and for 2017 it's back to BIG GAME LI.

2014-2015 regular season begins Thursday ,September 4, 2014 with the Packers at the Seahawks.



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