Meet the 75-year-old Colorado man who just successfully completed the impressive task of riding his bike over 3,000 miles across the country in an effort to raise awareness for veterans nationwide.

Bill Wallace, a veteran himself - having formerly served in the U.S. Army - recently completed a bike ride that began in California and ended 3,000+ miles across the country in New Jersey; from May through Thursday, July 7 - in less than 70 days - Wallace successfully managed to make the bold cross-country trip and raise awareness for fellow veterans who are struggling all over the country through encouraging others to donate to organizations that support vets.

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"Being a veteran, it bothered me just the number of veterans that are struggling," he told 9News.

"I hope maybe I could make a difference in some people's lives," he said.

While Wallace's ride served as a personal one for multiple reasons, the ride meant all the more to the veteran who reported that he was treated with much more respect during this recent ride than he had been while serving this country.

According to 9News, Wallace served during the Vietnam era, a time when people didn't treat veterans very well. But on this trip, people across the country showed appreciation for his service and mission -

At one point, Wallace told 9News, that he was waiting for a train to pass when a pickup truck suddenly pulled up behind him. The driver asked Wallace why he was riding, and Wallace told him the story.

"As the end of the train started coming and the gates went up, the guy reached in his wallet and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and said 'thanks for doing this,'" Wallace said.

About Bill Wallace

Bill, a California native spent most of his younger years in New Jersey before making the decision to travel to Boulder, CO to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU Boulder) for college, according to his website.

Soon after finding a new home in Colorado, Wallace entered the U.S. Army in 1968 where he was a sergeant with the paratroopers. After his honorable discharge in 1971, he went on to complete his college degree from the University of Denver (DU), majoring in math and minoring in education.

In 1974, he moved to Summit County to become a math teacher at Summit High School.

In 1996, Bill was elected to serve as county commissioner and held that office until 2007, when he assumed his duties as county treasurer and public trustee; according to 9News, Wallace currently resides in Berthoud, CO.

About Bill's Mission, Crossing America By Bicycle For Veterans 

Bill Wallace's recent cross-country bike ride - and overall mission - is to support and bring awareness to veterans, seniors, and mental health issues nationwide.

Throughout the last few months of traveling the country, Wallace asked supporters to donate to the organizations listed on his website. He hopes to see every dollar go toward groups that focus on seniors and mental health services.

"When you see a veteran on the street and homeless and somewhere along the line that person served and served well," Wallace says. 

To learn more about Bill Wallace and his incredible mission, visit

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