Many of the popular, traditional restaurants in Northern Colorado are probably already booked up for Valentine's Day. But you don't have to go to mainstream places like the Melting Pot, anyway.

Here are 7 quirky places in Northern Colorado you can bring your date on Valentine's Day.

PinBall Jones

Sneak in a kiss or two while also getting your arcade game fix at PinBall Jones! They serve alcohol, too! YUM.

Dungeons and Drafts

Geek-out with traditional-geek and modern-casual library games in the setting of a medieval tavern with your sweetie at Dungeons and Drafts. They also have a "Second Halloween" event going on on Valentine's Day for those of us who are anti-V Day.

Moxi Theater

Concerts are ALWAYS a great date idea, and the Moxi is also a beautiful venue. If you've never been, go. They have Metalachi performing Valentine's Night, too.

Alley Cat Cafe

For the artsy souls out there - this is the cutest lil coffee shop to bring a date, especially on Valentine's Day. Cozy up to bae and have fun people-watching.


And for the 18+ free spirits out there - this hookah lounge is super intimate, low key, and perfect for any date night.

Downtown Artery

Quickly becoming a nightlife staple in downtown Fort Collins, the Downtown Artery is also a fun, low key venue to bring your valentine. Enjoy gourmet toast and brews in an artsy atmosphere.

All That and a Bag of Chips

Play games all day for just $5 (or for free, if you're a female)! If taking your date to play Halo and Mortal Combat all day doesn't scream "I love you," I don't know what does.

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