We gave you a list of 10 celebrities you didn't know were from Colorado, but what about the non-celebrities in Colorado that are super famous? Because we have plenty of those.

This list could honestly be a lot longer, because most of this list is comprised of characters from various TV commercials - some of them we love to hate; others, we hate to love. And then there are the famous non-celebrities local to Northern Colorado who have received plenty of local and national media attention. No matter what they do, these people are famous in their own right.

Below are 7 famous non-celebrities right here in Colorado. Who else should be included in the list?

  • 1

    Kid in the Mattress King Commercials

    We watched this kid grow up in front of our very eyes on the small screen in between scenes of Desperate Housewives, the godawful Tyra Show, and Mike Nelson's weather forecasts. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he's pointed his finger and said, "Nobody beats the king, NOBODY," he hasn't gotten any less awkward.

    He does get to meet (former) local celebrities like Chris "Birdman" Andersen, though.

  • 2

    The Strong Arm

    Frank Azar has made a name for himself not only being on TV, but branding himself with the memorable nickname "The Strong Arm." Now all Coloradans know who he is, and how much money he could (but probably won't) get you after you've had a car accident.

  • 3

    Tim Farnsworth

    To a lot of people, Tim Farnsworth is just a name. But to Fort Collins, he's the energetic sign spinner for M & E Painting at the corner of Harmony and College.

    He boasts the 2009 Rockstar Award and 2011 FOCO's Famous Celebrity Award, and though I haven't seen him in a while, his Facebook page is still alive and kickin' with the M & E Painting sign in his profile picture.

  • 4

    Jake Jabs

    If you're under the age of 35 you'll probably assume Jake Jabs is some type of former athlete or politician, so you're probably thinking, "he shouldn't be on this list!"

    But truth be told, he's not either of those. He's literally a super badass entrepreneur that founded and owns (my personal favorite  furniture store) American Furniture Warehouse.

    The lions are pretty badass, too.

  • 5

    Jordan Levine

    If you're wondering where Anderson, Hemmat, & Levine went...look no further. We're going to assume "irreconcilable differences" got in the way of this beautiful partnership. However, Jordan Levine is doing his own thing and is now the star of his own commercials. And is super  famous for it.

  • 6

    Shaggy a.k.a. Shag Man

    Let's be real here: in the world of Austin Powers, this is not a guy we'd want to shag because he's annoying as hell.

    But Shaggy's stupid antics are memorable and for that, we have to give him props.

  • 7

    Balloon Boy

    This guy takes the cake for most famous non-celebrity in Colorado. Though, he doesn't actually live in Colorado anymore.

    Balloon Boy rose to fame thanks to his fame-hungry father and mother, who supposedly launched him into the Northern Colorado skies in a flying saucer-esque balloon in an attempt to gain publicity for the reality TV show they had been shopping around to different networks. The stunt turned out to be a hoax, and the family fled to Florida where they turned their attention from weather chasing to metal music.

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