Is there anything you couldn't stand before this pandemic that you kind of miss now?

This pandemic has been an emotional rollercoaster. We have felt so many emotions and, I'll be honest, not all of them have been bad. In fact, I have felt a sense of relief in my schedule that is usually filled to the brim. It's been nice to slow down and focus on things that are a priority in my life. There have also been some unexpected emotions.

With all of us distancing ourselves from one another, I find myself longing for things I hated before.

These are things that, under normal circumstances, drive me completely insane. They could easily have been found on a list of items that I wouldn't mind never seeing or experiencing again. And yet, now that they are not in my life, I kind of miss them. Maybe it's the quarantine talking or maybe the lack of people around me has put things into perspective.

Unexpected Things We're Missing During This Pandemic

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