That door that we heard get slammed shut throughout Northern Colorado on Sunday? It may have very well been the sound of what could be the end of the Broncos season.

Yes, we all know that they aren't mathematically eliminated from the postseason yet.

In actuality, their chances are still high because many things could still happen between now and the end of the season.

However, if they do make the playoffs, do any of us think the offense will come together better than what they have been to challenge the likes of the Patriots (again), Baltimore, Oakland, and possibly Tennessee?

The game against the Patriots definitely did show on thing: That the residents of Colorado still have plenty of passion for their team and will be there with them until the very end.

But the amount of dejected Broncos fans posting their photos on Instagram since the end of the game Sunday also shows that even the most faithful are starting to come to grips with reality.

Check out these Instagram images from this past weekend's games. Did you make the same face as some of these Broncos fans?

(Yes, I would say that erhixson's look definitely encapsulated what many of us were thinking Sunday)

(So krchambless may not have wanted to show her face, but she still wants the Broncos logo to stand out amongst the rest!)

(Was this their look of bewilderment over the play of the Broncos, or was this around the time the bars stopped serving?)

(This kids reaction is PRICELESS, and may have been what we were all feeling on Sunday)

( this might actually be a Patriots fan imitating some Broncos fans. But he may actually be spot on)

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