Taste of Fort Collins is this weekend (June 8-10) in Downtown Fort Collins. You will find great food & drinks and music all weekend long. I can't wait to see William Michael Morgan tonight, but my favorite part about the festival is the delicious food. Here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to putting in my belly this weekend:

5. Funnel Cakes

funnel cake

Tis the Fair & Festival season. With that comes festival food like kettle corn, corn dogs, deep fried everything, food on a stick and the beloved funnel cake. You will find funnel cakes at this year's taste of Fort Collins. You will also discover that one found its way into my belly.

4. Rocky Mountain Oysters from Bruce's Bar

Todd holding Rocky Mountain Oyster
Jenny Harding, For TSM

Bruce's Bar is World famous for their Rocky Mountain Oysters. They bring those delectable treats to Fort Collins in the "Nut Hut" this weekend for the Taste of Fort Collins. Although, not technically in Fort Collins, my city will gladly adopt Bruce's for the the weekend.

3. Gourmet Grilled Cheese from BIGS Meat Wagon

The Meat Wagon at City Park Food Truck Rally
Todd Harding, TSM

BIGS Meat Wagon has the slogan "Our Meat Your Mouth". It makes sense, because it is some of the best BBQ in Northern Colorado. However, my favorite item from BIGS is their amazing gourmet grilled cheese. You would think your Grandma made it.

2. Chicken & Waffles from Waffle Lab

The Waffle Lab

I never had chicken and waffles until I discovered The Waffle Lab. They describe it as:

Locally Farmed natural Chicken Tenders, golden-fried, then served over a classic Liege Waffle and smother in homemade Rosemary-Sage Sausage Gravy, with a side of real Maple Syrup.


1.  Lobster Roll from Mile High Lobster Shack

Lobster Roll from Mile High Lobster Shack
Mile High Lobster Shack

Every year at Taste of Fort Collins I have to get one of these. It is a lobster roll from Mile High Lobster Shack. It is:

Chilled Maine Lobster meat mixed with a scant amount of mayo, celery salt and pepper lovingly laid into a New England split-top roll that has been buttered and toasted. Pure Joy!!

I concur. I ready to put some food in my belly this weekend at Taste of Fort Collins.






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