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In honor of the Colorado Rockies starting their spring training, which I think we are all in the “spring training” mood, here are five must-have items you need to be the ultimate Rockies fan this season.

  1. Colorado Rockies Hat

Shade that beautiful complexion from the sun with this Rockies-themed head cover, or as any normal person would call it, a hat.

  1. Small Fuzzy Rockies Bear

Kids love two things: baseball and stuffed animals. Alright, maybe not all kids love baseball, but I bet they’ll be more inclined to like it if you get them an adorable stuffed bear for their collection.

  1. MLB Hoodie for Dogs and Cats

It is pertinent that you equip your furry friends with the same sports paraphernalia that you have. Get this pet friendly tee and show how die-hard of a Rockies fan you and your small mammal are.

  1. Authentic Colorado Rockies Collection Tee

Finally, your very own authentic MLB Rockies tee. You don’t have to look any further, it’s right here.

  1. Poncho

We’ve all been there. You are sitting, enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer, when all of a sudden there’s a torrential downpour (thanks, Colorado). This poncho must accompany you to every game this season.

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