I am reliving some of my favorite memories of my 30+ years at K99 as we wind down to a close of this chapter in my life. I am featuring a different memory each day to reflect on. Today we go back to the very first big time concert intro we ever did at K99.

I am thinking it was back around 1989 or 1990 that the UCCC in Greeley was just getting going and so was K99. We were trying to establish ourselves as the voice of country for Northern Colorado. There was not a local country FM station around here until we popped on the dial.We wanted to make a big splash. We were allowed to go on stage and introduce Dan Seals when he came to Greeley. He was hot as fire at the time and we were so excited to get to be on stage before a big crowd. This was a first for many of us who were just beginning our radio careers. We all wore white tuxes and hit the stage. We were brand new and full of unknown expectations and excitement. Who knew that 30 years later I would get a chance to wrap up my radio career on that very same stage? Wow!

Be sure to check out the staff photo above and see if you remember any of these people. Thank you for all you have done for me. I am so grateful for this life.

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