We all love and respect George Strait for his music and his class demeanor. He is a real cowboy, a true gentleman and the greatest country singer of all time. He represents all that is great about country music and he is royalty to all of us country fans.

While we look up to him and think he must have such a charmed life, we need to realize that this man has endured hurt and loss that many of us could never imagine and sadly, some can relate. It was on this date back in 1986 that a parents worst nightmare happened to the Strait family. Jennifer Strait, George's 13 year old daughter was killed in a car crash in San Marcos, Texas 32 years ago today.

It has been said that the song "Baby Blue" has always reminded George of Jennifer and he had her in mind when he recorded it. We are thinking of the Strait family today and the memory of Jennifer, who would be 45 years old now.

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