Todd trying Snapchat Filter
Todd Harding, Snapchat

I have always been a little behind the times. I fought getting a cellphone when they first came out. I got my 1st smartphone just a few years ago. I only got on Facebook so my family could see my photos, now it is part of my job. I still don't have a private Twitter account. I have come into the digital age kicking and screaming.

For a couple years now, I have heard people talking about Snapchat, so finally I gave in and downloaded the app to my iPhone. The problem is, I have no idea how it works. I don't get it. So, I asked for help. Mollie, from our sister station 94.3 The X, graciously agreed to help. Mollie is a 24-year-old tech savvy woman. I am a digitally impaired 50-year-old man, so it was a challenge.

Thanks to our Digital Managing Editor, Madi Scruggs, for filming the YouTube video of our adventure:

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