High rental costs are the talk of the town in Colorado. It seems like in nearly every conversation that I have cost of living comes up.

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Yes, it seems like everything is getting more expensive. Inflation for groceries, utilities, and housing is through the roof. Here is a bright spot: gas prices have been coming down. Here is a look at where we are at regarding rental prices in 2024.

Average Rent Across Colorado: Do You Find it Alarming?


Time calculated each state's monthly rental cost and announced what each state is paying on average. Take into consideration that this is the average. Time analyzed major cities like Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins. They also took smaller cities such as Paonia, Silverton, and Salida into consideration.

The average rent across Colorado is $1,594. Colorado has the fifth-highest average rent in the country.

Coloradans are paying $146 a month above the national average.

The average across the country is $1,448.40.

The Bright Side of Where Colorado Is At


Nobody is skipping with joy when we hear that Colorado is the fifth most expensive state to live in. Well, unless you are a landlord who loves ripping people off.

Here is something you can be optimistic about. Colorado's average monthly rent is going down. Just a few years ago, the average monthly rent in Colorado was $1,635. Can we take a moment and appreciate that rental costs are getting better?

Now whenever someone is being overly negative, just tell them that it is getting better, and hopefully will continue to get better.

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