A woman from Colorado was severely burned when a illegal gas station exploded on the street of Cambodia.

About a year ago a Colorado woman moved to Cambodia to peruse a career in teaching. Last Wednesday, the 18-year-old was riding a motorcycle on her way to teach her kindergarten class when everything changed.

Abby Alexander says she smelled some gas in the air, and then the explosion happened. A massive fireball engulfed the street where Abby was riding giving her 3rd degree burns on 35% of her body.


Abby recalls her clothes being burned to her skin, walking down the street in a daze screaming for help. Her family tells The Denver Channel that she still needs a machine to help her breathe.

Now the family is asking for help getting her back to Colorado so she can get the proper treatment for her burns. One of the biggest problems is, the transport jet they have to fly her in is a "flying ICU unit." The cost to fly her from Cambodia to Colorado is $170,000.

If you'd like to help the family they've set up a GOFUNDME account HERE.



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