Life can get very crazy and sometimes we need to just sit back and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. What the simple pleasures are vary from person to person. A few of mine are driving on Highway 257 when you get behind someone who knows the speed limit is 65 not 55, a nice afternoon ride on my Harley, the smell of toast and rolling around on the floor laughing with my grandchildren. There are many things that make you feel good but here are 10 that are supposed to work every time you need a pick a me up and just want a warm fuzzy, happy feeling.

10-The smell of freshly cut grass…unless you mow over a fresh patch of dog offerings

9-Reminiscing over old photographs…until you notice that you STILL have that outfit that you are wearing in the 20 year old photo and still have it in active rotation

8-Watching a spectacular sunset… we really have the best ones here in Colorado

7-Lying in freshly laundered sheets…I need to start doing this more than once a month because it is awesome

6-Walking on the beach…I prefer a piggyback ride. Bring a fishing pole for even more smiles.

5-Listen to music...there is nothing like the power of music to make your day.

4-Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face…until a miller flies in your mouth

3-Receiving a hug…I am a hugger so I believe in this one big time. I even hug the pizza guy when he comes

2-Sharing great food with great friends…especially when they can’t finish their great food and you get to help clean their plate

1-Laughing…amen to that. There is nothing like laughter to make everything better and the laughter of a child is the best medicine in the world.

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