The strike from King Soopers employees that began on January 12th has now come to an end as they have reached a tentative agreement. Time to get back to work.

King Soopers Strike Ends In Colorado

After 10 days of picket signs and even a little extra craziness at some locations, King Soopers employees at the locations who were striking around Colorado have crossed the picket lines and are headed back to work. It was announced this morning that United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7, King Soopers, and King's parent company Kroger, have reached a tentative three-year agreement that wraps up the ten-day strike at many Colorado locations.

In a press release posted by our partners at Denver 7, the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 said:

"ensures that workers are respected and protected in the workplace, and compensated with wages they deserve as essential workers."

The strike that began on January 12th is over and the more than 8,000 employees from close to 80 stores around Colorado can get back to work as early as today (Friday, January 21st, 2022). The terms of the tentative three-year deal have not been made public but the strike was taking place to secure better wages, healthcare, and better safety provided for its staff so all of those boxes likely had to be checked to wrap this up.

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After almost two years of being essential workers and risking their health to keep these stores open and up and running, even at the very beginning phases of the pandemic when everything else was closed, they've proven their worth and just wanted what they believed to be fair. As a King Soopers shopper since I was a young child, I'm happy this new deal is in place and am hopeful this isn't something we'll have to re-visit again in three years.

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