Your wireless carrier is watching you. A researcher specializing in security posted a video online about hidden software he discovered on mobile phones that logs and tracks much of what you do. Creepy? Invasion of privacy? Trevor Eckhart discovered Carrier IQ, software that could be tracking your emails, websites you visit, text messages and more on your mobile device.

In a 17-minute video posted Monday on YouTube, Trevor Eckhart shows how the software – known as Carrier IQ – logs every text message, Google search and phone number typed on a wide variety of smart phones – including HTC, Blackberry, Nokia and others – and reports them to the mobile phone carrier.

The application, which is labeled on Eckhart’s HTC smartphone as “HTC IQ Agent,” also logs the URL of websites searched on the phone, even if the user intends to encrypt that data using a URL that begins with “HTTPS,” Eckhart said.